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This brand new, very affordable monthly subscription service takes the chore out of food prep and meal planning while considering budget AND multiple dietary concerns.

What’s Included?

  • 5 gluten-free, real food dinners (and optional breakfast and lunch) planned for you 

  • Paleo and Whole30 modifications included, even on the grocery list, so no brain cells have to go to "eat this, not that"

  • Insider's knowledge of what the best and least expensive produce is to buy every season

  • A Meal Prep Timeline that will help you save 2-3 hours of cooking through the week

  • Dinner from fridge to table each night in 20-30 minutes

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The Price?

Through June 30 only, the whole plan is only going to be $15 a month* (or $147 annually*) and as a founding member your price will never increase. Founding members will get several bonuses with early registration and will be a part of my free facebook group where you can ask me questions and via FB LIve, I will do occasional Q & As, cooking demos and maybe even a cook along at times. I would love your input on making this service better but even though it will include even more perks along the way, your price will be $15 as long as you stay a member.

What is a Founding Member and What do you get?

Those who register to become members by June 30 for my inaugural season will be my Founding Members! After this launch, no one will be able to join my Founding Members group again and all the perks will no longer be available, at least not for free!

Founding Members will not only be rewarded with a very simplified way of getting healthy fresh dinners on the table, you will also get several other perks, too.

  1. Bonus Content for early registrants.

  2. Invitation to join SRF Community You can be a member of the SRF facebook group where I will answer questions, ask for your feedback to make SRF better and even post live cooking demos every now and then. (This will be a paid feature later on but FREE FOREVER for you as a Founding Member.)

  3. AND BEST OF ALL...No Price Increase EVER - no matter how much I add to the subscription or what improvements we make together through your requests on the FB community, not one dime more for you even though my prices will definitely increase as I make improvements. 

I'm really looking forward to having you on this journey with me, but I know sometimes you need to hear it from others.

What others are saying:

Christi’s meal plans and recipes are so easy to follow...and without fail, my family and friends thought I had a personal gourmet chef preparing the meals! Simply Real Food can be your “secret source” for culinary goodness too! Join in the fun! I’m so glad I did!
— V. Pope, North Carolina
Meal planning is one the keys to keeping my family healthy! Using these weekly healthy and easy meal planning subscription provided by Christi through Simply Real Food has really made a difference in not only our cooking but just being able to provide my family healthy meals. Now my girls even enjoy using the shopping list provided to help shop for groceries and even cook with me in the kitchen. Not only am I being a model to my girls but they are also learning how to cook and eat in a heathy way.
— L. Price, Texas
I feed a family of six on a limited budget and after years of that, cooking became a chore I didn’t cherish. I jumped at the chance for someone else to menu plan and make my grocery list for me.

I tried other services but none of them have given me all that Christi’s “Simply Real Food” approach does.

Christi Flaherty taught me the joy of cooking without ever setting foot in my kitchen! She teaches me how to pick my groceries with nutrition, budget and availability in mind. I learn new cooking techniques in the middle of simple, wonderful recipes.

It makes me feel like I am growing as my family’s chef every time I cook. Christi’s approach is schedule-sensitive and her prep-ahead system is perfect for me, as I work full time.

I am empowered and set up for success at my dinner table by Christi’s “Simply Real Food” program. It has brought the joy of cooking back into my kitchen and I no longer feel overwhelmed by this subject any more. Thank you Christi! I am a subscriber for life!
— M.Patterson, Colorado
Your suggestions are presented so simply and straightforward that you make it feel easy to change and make a difference. Thank you!
— S. Miles, Paisley, Scotland

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