Soups, Salads and Breads

Soups, Salads and Breads

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Basic Recipe followed by Now What? This is a section with variations on the basic recipe.  With these recipes and variations, you have the start to making 18-20 meals. Here are the basic recipes (most have Gluten Free options):

·         Basic (Tomato/Broth Base) Stew

·         Wine Based Beef Stew

·         Moroccan Tagine

·         Basic Chicken Stock

·         Chicken Soup

·         French Onion Soup

·         Tuscan Kale Soup

·         Basic Cream Soup

·         Build a Better Salad

·         Basic Vinaigrette and Variations

·         Easy Yeast Bread (No-Knead)

·         Herbed Beer Bread

·         Cheese Biscuits

·         Cornbread