Boiled Eggs Made Perfectly - Tip Tuesday


Featured Unless you are a vegan or non-egg eating vegetarian, chances are eggs are a part of your diet. Now that many people are eschewing grains of may kinds, proteins are all the more important. Eggs of all kinds, but especially boiled eggs, are one of the most convenient and near-perfect foods you can eat. With a total caloric count of only 70, an egg contains all essential amino acids, 6 grams of protein, a significant amount of choline (good for brain) and B vitamins among others.

The thing is for something that seems so easy, many things can go wrong:

  • Green ring around yolk (overdone)
  • Peel sticking to the egg
  • Egg white is not completely done (underdone)

Just a few virtually hands-off steps will ensure perfectly hard boiled eggs every time.


Step One:

Step one for boiled eggs

Place eggs in cold water.

Step Two:

Step two for boiled eggsBring eggs to a rolling boil (bubble are constant and big) over medium heat.

Step Three:

Step three for boiled eggs

When it gets to a rolling boil, remove from heat and cover immediately.

Step Four:

Step four for boiled eggs Set your timer for fifteen minutes.

Step Five:

Step five for boiled eggs

Drain and rinse in cool water if using immediately or in ice water bath if refrigerating for later use.

That's it!

Tricks and tips for Boiled Eggs:

  1. If you use very fresh eggs, don't boil them as soon as you get them, keep them for at least 2 weeks before cooking otherwise the peel will stick to the eggs. Want to know the Science behind this?
  2. If eggs are coated with mineral oil, they may never be easy to peel. Check for a matte eggshell (or the texture you look for in "eggshell" paint) versus a slightly shiny one when buying eggs since they are not marked as coated or not in most cases.
  3. Eggs that are hard boiled can be held for up to 7 days in the fridge, so why boil just a couple when you can boil a dozen at a time.
  4. Just make sure you don't stack them in the pan. One level only, please. :)
  5. When peeling, start with the wider end where there is usually an air pocket where the egg has started pulling away from the shell from age (see #1). This will open up the shell even more and usually the peel will start coming off in sheets instead of tiny bits.
  6. Eggshells are great for garden, crush them up and dig into dirt around plants, or put them into your compost.

Other Uses for Boiled Eggs

  • Sauce Gribiche - A piquant mixture of capers, pickles (cornichons if you have them), and hard boiled eggs that can be used for topping any number of roasted vegetables or as a light dressing for steamed fish or chicken.
  • Southwestern Deviled eggs - Split the boiled eggs and mix yolk with avocado, cilantro and jalapeno along with a little yogurt or olive oil to moisten. Stuff eggs and sprinkle with chili powder. Here's a recipe that also includes bacon if you want exact measurements. (Of course, you can leave the bacon out!)
  • Cobb Salad - Chopped boiled eggs, bacon, lettuce, blue cheese, avocado, any roasted meats and any other veggies you want along with a basic vinaigrette--I'm posting a formula soon that will end buying salad dressings forever...stay tuned and subscribe above to get it first.  Here's one in a jar for taking to the park for a picnic (yay!) or to work (if we must!).
  • Egg Salad - Like deviled eggs, this can be simple or it can be complex. I personally like it simple - mashed boiled eggs, a little mayo or yogurt, a little dijon and that's it. Serve in lettuce cups or on bread for a sandwich.
  • Add finely chopped boiled eggs to tuna, salmon or potato salads for extra protein.
  • Stuffed in a meatloaf - This is a classic German method of making meatloaf. Here's a Paleo version but feel free to use your own meatloaf recipe and simply tuck a few boiled eggs in between layers of meat mixtre.
  • And for something entirely different - Boiled Egg Curry from Perry's Plate. This would be a great post-Easter recipe to use up all the colored eggs.

I would love to hear how you use your eggs and if you have any other tricks up your sleeve for making the perfect boiled egg!



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